New book "the dead privet hedge"


My new book, "THE DEAD PRIVET HEDGE" will be released September 2nd.

​In Danish to begin with.


The Dead Privet Hedge is a helping hand to discover if you are spending too much energy and time on relationships that actually do not benefit you.

Too many of us are stuck in family dynamics or friendships that are essentially over, but we can't get away or perhaps don't dare to say anything, thinking it might become pleasant again...

Many of us also end up taking on too much responsibility. And many of us have difficulty setting boundaries:

We all have more than 60,000 thoughts a day, and many of them are about "What do they think of me?", "Is it okay to say no?", "Did he mean me when he...?" and so on.

Racing thoughts and worries take up far too much of our energy and resources. And it causes stress. This is what the book aims to help stop.

Self-development = untangling yourself from all the mess you might be stuck in.


​I use figurative language and humor to convey my points. A touch of humor and a smile go a long way.

But make no mistake; my books are based on cognitive therapy, which is evidence-based.

In the book, I compare our relationships to a privet hedge. A hedge can both appropriately shield and inappropriately limit.

Imagine if there were more energy, time, and freedom to be found, even in private life?

Imagine if others also didn't feel up to all the events?

Imagine if it were allowed to set yourself even more FREE from it all?

There is more freedom! And my new book helps with that!​

The book, like my first book, is written in a concrete, engaging, and practical language - and it's also packed with explanations, tips, and tools to create more energy, enthusiasm, and freedom in your life.

The first book was fully illustrated because one doesn't manage to read when stressed.

The new book is not fully illustrated but maintains the same writing style.​

Both my books will eventually be in English too.

read more about it in english and buy it in pre-sale here

From the back of the book

Do you have trouble saying no?
Are you being steamrolled by your family?
Are you stuck in friendships that are dead?

Have routines and habits taken over your life?

Your relations can be compared to a privet hedge.

Excerpt from the Advice Column (

Can I save a privet hedge that is partially dying?


Many gardeners are familiar with this picture. It is due to a combination of several factors:

  • Firstly, the hedge may consist of several different – but outwardly similar – varieties, which in reality have very different resistance to disease.
  • Secondly, parts of the hedge may be shaded for most of the day, so the plants cannot produce enough nutrients to replace weakened branches.
  • Thirdly, the weakening may be due to harsh pruning, something that may be necessary at intervals of several years.

So, the remedy is partly to remove what is shading the hedge, partly to inspect the plants with pruning shears and remove all dead and diseased parts, and partly to keep the hedge closely trimmed for the next 2–3 years. This has saved my own hedge, which has had quite similar weaknesses, on several occasions.

Don't worry - the book will help you with this!

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