Do You Use Your Intuition?

Are you aware that you have a quiet superpower inside?

In a world awash with data and decisions, there exists a quiet power – intuition. Often underestimated, yet integral to our lives, it's the subtle compass that guides us through complexity and can help us avoid stress.

Intuition is like an inner guide that draws upon our experiences and subconscious insights to steer decisions.

It refers to the deep-seated ability to understand and sense the world without necessarily relying on our thoughts.

Some people view this connection to their inner selves as a way to uncover deeper layers of meaning and significance in existence:

  • When we listen to our inner voice, we can make choices that feel more authentic and life-affirming.​

  • This connection can also enrich our relationships with ourselves and others through deeper understanding and empathy.


Exploring and nurturing our inner being offers an opportunity to find profound meaning in life. It helps us connect with our surroundings in a more meaningful way and achieve a sense of harmony. 

Through this inner connection, we can find peace and inner strength to cope with life's challenges.​

It also allows for personal growth and development by creating a sense of purpose and direction. This journey of inner discovery can strengthen our relationships with others and lead to a deeper understanding of our place in the world. 

It can give us the inner leadership that so many of us are searching for.

Intuition is the silent wisdom within, guiding us with insights beyond words.


Brainwave frequencies ranging from 7 to 14 Hertz correspond to a specific rhythm of electrical activities in the brain, known as alpha waves. This rhythm falls within the range of electrical activity measured in cycles per second, also known as hertz (Hz).

Alpha waves are believed to be related to mental states such as creativity, relaxation, and inner reflection. 

Alpha waves are thought to play a role in promoting intuitive processes. When the brain is in a state of alpha waves, it's often in a relaxed and open state where thoughts aren't constrained by constant analytical thinking.

This state can occur during meditation, when in a state of calm and introspection, or when in a slightly dreamy state, such as just before falling asleep or waking up in the morning:

It can create a more harmonious connection between our conscious thoughts and our subconscious thoughts and emotions. Thus it can enhance the ability to perceive and understand inner sensations and insights that don't normally reach the conscious mind in busier, more analytical states.

Alpha waves seem to promote the type of creativity and thinking that is crucial for intuitive perception and understanding. 

In this state, it's possible to achieve a deeper connection with one's inner self and sense subtle signals that can guide us in decision-making.


In our modern era, where information and stimuli are constant and overwhelming, the ability to listen to one's intuition has become even more crucial.

Here are just at few reasons why:

1. Stress Reduction: 

Stress is widespread in our society, and constant analytical thinking can add to this burden. Intuition provides a path to find inner calm and make decisions with greater confidence, which can help reduce stress levels.

​2. Complex Decision-Making: 

In a world of rapid change and numerous choices, intuition can help us navigate complex decisions by offering a quicker, intuitive sense of what's right for us.

3. Creative Problem Solving: 

Intuition can be a source of creativity and innovation. In a time when innovative solutions are needed to address various challenges, listening to one's intuition can provide an edge in finding original and effective solutions.

4. Self-Connection: 

Modern technology and a busy pace can sometimes lead to a sense of disconnection from our inner selves. Intuition allows us to re-establish that connection and understand our own needs and desires on a deeper level.

5. Efficiency and Productivity: 

Listening to intuition can lead to more targeted and relevant actions. This can result in greater productivity and efficiency by focusing on what truly matters.

6. Self-Care: 

Intuition can warn us to set boundaries, take breaks, and care for our mental and physical well-being, which is crucial in a time of constant busyness.

In the end, intuition provides us with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Integrating this ability into our lives can help create balance, reduce stress, and make more authentic and meaningful decisions.

Written August 30th 2023


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