consultancy function​

how to crack to code of well-being?

No matter how well-functioning a company is, there are people working in it.

And people can be the unknown factor.

Just like pandemics, wars, and crises.

The above - and the far-reaching effects of it - we unfortunately haven't seen the full picture of yet. "Metal fatigue" is a real thing. Even though the outside world may seem to have forgotten what we've been through for a long time.

Stress is the silent creeper. When you have stress, you are the last one to notice it.

How do you address it before it turns into outright stress?

This is what I assist with.​

Just like a manufacturing company, where process leaders examine where the machinery can be lubricated, adjusted, and perhaps have some parts replaced, or added small expansions for optimization, one should also do the same with well-being and prevention, thereby optimizing work processes for employees.

As a consultant in workplace well-being, I can contribute with a wide range of skills and solutions to improve the work environment and employee well-being.

Both at the leadership level and for other employees.

Regardless of industry and educational level.​

✓ Member of the Danish Psychotherapist association

✓ More than 6.000 individual sessions  

✓ 24+ years experience in professional communication


by Mette B.​ Lorenzen

​Cognitive Psychotherapist MPF


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Mobile: +45 71 75 81 26​

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